I was found bakery onion rolls on discount today at the grocery store.  You know what “old” bread is good for?  Bread pudding, croutons, and bread crumbs.  These ones will fall into the crouton and bread crumb category.  So today, I made croutons.


I cut the onion roll into small pieces, my bread knife isn’t a very good one, so I have a bunch of crumbs.  Then toast them in a skillet with butter until they are golden brown and crunchy.  I used about 2 teaspoons of butter to toast the chunks of bread from one onion roll.  The remaining rolls have been frozen so I can make more croutons when these are gone.


I’ve been trying to have a salad for lunch to get some more veggies in my diet.  I think these will add a much needed crunch to the dish!

Croutons, yay or nay?


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