Chocolate Bark Pops

Today is a special day in the McKinney Kitchen.  Our kid turns 9!  It’s his last single digit birthday.  Since his birthday is so close to Christmas and New Years, it really is hit or miss if he gets to celebrate at school.  This year is the first year he actually gets to be at school on his actual birth day.

We’re going to take cupcakes, the store bought ones, just to be safe.  I am also making a small treat for the kids to take home.  I have been making chocolate bark for a while, Its a great way to use left over chocolate and clean out any random dried fruit, nuts or chocolate bits you have in the pantry.  Instead of the usual bark that is in a single layer and broken into pieces, I decided to make the in individual servings.

I was inspired by an episode of Barefoot Contessa for this one, her trip to England, if you’ve seen the episode.  I choose dark melting chocolate, dried cherries and slivered almonds.  One of my favorite granola bars is cherry almond, so I know they are a good combination.

There isn’t a recipe for this one, more of a technique.  First, melt the chocolate and get your toppings together.  Once the chocolate is melted, dollop it onto parchment into lollipop size circles.  Next, using a sucker stick, roll it into the pile of chocolate to coat it and wiggle it down into the middle of the chocolate.  Add your toppings, let cool and then enjoy!

I think there are a bunch of great flavors you can add.  I would try to limit it to two or three since the area you are working with is so small.  Mini marshmallows and crushed graham crackers would be a fun twist.  Sprinkles and chocolate sandwich cookies. Peanut butter chips and crumbled bacon?  These would also be fun using colored candy melts to match a party theme or holiday colors.  The possibilities are endless!


Dark, milk or white chocolate?


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