Potato Pancake Experiment

So… I’ve never made potato pancakes, but for some reason I decided to try to make them from left over mashed potatoes.  I know it can be done, I’ve seen people make them on the TV.

I took some mashed potatoes from dinner last night and mixed them with an egg, about a tablespoon of flour, shredded cheese, and left over stuffing.  I thought it would be tasty to add the stuffing.  I mixed it all together and plopped pancake sized portions into a skillet that had in it melted butter.


Looks good right?!?! Well, I let them sit on one side and brown so I could flip them.  The flip didn’t go so well… Every single one of them fell apart or stuck to the pan.  Its nonstick and I added butter, there should be no sticking.


Pancake fail.  They ended up warming all the way through so the egg wouldn’t be raw and I ended up having potato pancake piles.  They tasted very good, but weren’t really what I was going for.


In looking at a few actual potato pancake recipes that use mashed potatoes, it seems I used too little binder.  I should have added more egg and flour and less stuffing.  I think the combination of the stuffing and not enough stuff to bind it all together caused it to all fall apart.  I make mashed potatoes pretty often for dinner, so I’ll probably give them another try in the near future.

What is your favorite way to use leftover mashed potatoes?



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