Lunch Evolution – Ravioli

I had some refrigerated ravioli that I decided to use for lunch today, just me and the kid, so I didn’t need as much.  It was roast chicken and cheese flavored but I didn’t have any pasta sauce or tomato sauce in the pantry to make with it.  So, not having any regular sauce, heres how it went:

As the water was working on boiling I decided to make a sauce for the ravioli.  The sauce started out as just melted butter and ended up a tomato alfredo type sauce.  I planned to just melt the butter to add to the pasta but as I was waiting for the water to boil, I just kept adding things to my butter and the result was delicious!

The sauce: butter, grated garlic, italian seasoning, salt, pepper, grape tomatoes, heavy cream and parmesan cheese.  That combination all melted and warmed together added a nice creamy sauce to the prepared ravioli.  I have made alfredo sauce in a similar way in the past, but the addition of the grape tomatoes was a nice change.


So, for a quick lunch, it was a success!

Do you like refrigerated pasta? Or is the dried stuff perfectly fine?


UPDATE: I went back for seconds after I heard the kid put his bowl in the sink.  Turns out, I forgot to turn the pan off (sad face). Caramelized food is usually delicious, this time… not so much…



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