Cinnamon Apple Scones

While I was browsing Instagram this morning, I came across King Arthur Flour’s Yule Log video and thought it looked delicious and would be a great addition to the blog.  This is not that post (obviously).  As I was browsing, my husband says “I wish someone would deliver breakfast” and I switch my browsing from Instagram to KAF recipe box.  Thinking about what I have in the kitchen, really the only thing I can think to make are scones.  I start looking at scone recipes on KAF and settle on the Fresh Apple Cinnamon Scone recipe since it seemed to be the only one I had remotely close to the right ingredients.  I guess I could have made just plain scones, eh.


I didn’t exactly have all the ingredients called for in the recipe, so I had to improvise.  I didn’t have cinnamon chips, so I didn’t include them and to make up for the lack of mix ins, I used more diced apple.  I also didn’t have any applesauce, so I used home made apple butter in place of the applesauce.  I had just shy of 1/2 cup… so… The last change was that I used regular sugar instead of course sparkling sugar for the topping.


And here is the result, underwhelming right?!?  They smelled fantastic baking in the oven though.  The problem I think is that I didn’t have enough moisture, since the apple butter was not as wet as applesauce and I didn’t have the whole 1/2 cup.  I also didn’t let them rest the recommended 30 minutes in the freezer as the recipe recommended either, so they didn’t really get much rise.  They tasted just fine, they were just very crumbly and flat.

Cinnamon Apple Scone

They served their purpose as a satisfying breakfast for the family, but next time I’ll be sure to use enough liquid and let them rest.



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